Billa Eatcard online now.

The Austrian TVC Billa: Eatcard, shot at the Dead Sea in May, is online now.

We shot with director Ron Eichhorn for Micanfilm and with a great team put together by service producer Guy Lichtenstein – standing in salty baby-bath-warm water using film rather than HD:

  • as little electronics as possible to keep possible salt & corrosion damage risks low
  • large dynamic range in the negative given the extreme contrasts
  • short, simple and easy post production workflow
  1. David Pawsey said:

    Lovely work Miss Germany, as usual, again, and hooray. And, as usual, I love the short but concise shooting notes. I’ll be shooting some TVC’s in late July/August on HD and film. I’ll use you for inspiration.

    • Mister Pawsey, I hope very much the two of us will have the pleasure to indulge at some stage in to each others conciseness-mess, coz I like 🙂 – so good to hear from you a blurp here and than xx

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