Old Treasures.

I have been tackling a long neglected thing: Cleaning up my Youtube Channel and replacing some ridiculously bad quality trailers with some brighter shinier samples of my work. We all love to look at polished silver, no?

Some old treasures came out of the glitter box again, when my friend and postpro-wizard Alexey Kuchinsky uploaded the files. Unter der Erde by Christian Moris Müller was shot on the ArriIIC with a turret head. In a subway during operation hours, all handheld 35mm coverage, we were hurrying in and out carriages when the trains reached there terminus – together with Edith Behleit, lead, stunning performer and great runner – she was amazing. And so was the crew, when blocking off Marienplatz, Munichs central subway hub on a Saturday afternoon before a large soccer match. Watch the emptiness.

I could see the sparkle in his eyes, when Alexey promised, he will insert little 3D-alien-forces in the background of suitable films next time – as a complimentary service…maybe on the rooftop of the subway? …weeeell…gotta think about that one…


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