Getting there.

I am not quite sure how great the job will be to keep up posting on two blogs… this here – focused on my work, and the other one, pointing a way through my sometimes strange life.

As you see, I am getting better here…there is a theme I like, and there is some stuff to look at.

Here some rushes of Andererseits the film I just finished shooting on my Canon 5D mk2:

With Jennifer Sabel, Florian Kleine and Anna Prüstel. Directed by Rüdiger Görlitz.

  1. kathrinaha said:

    Hey, looks good. Presentation of the films is nice, just had problems with the download from my computer. Personally, I find four columns too much, kind of get confused. The design is great though, looks very professional.
    How about you? How are you doing? I might be moving to Munich soon and I’m looking forward to some more great conversations and songs. If you know sb who’s got a room for rent, let me know.
    Have a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year! K.

  2. It looks fantastic! But hey no wonder your are great Cinematograher Sanne! Everyone loves your footage. Sam Pollard and Victor joined our film because of your beautiful Africa footage. Thank you again Sanne! Wish us luck to raise more finishing grants for our music/art/history film… 🙂

    Volker Goetze

  3. I love, love this one! The imagery is as always as symbolic and poetic as the combination of Hesse, Rilke and Appollinaire!
    Great work Sanne:)

  4. Volker, thanks for your lovely words. I’ll ad a page with only links to my movies soon separate from the general links, where they are now…just need a few more movies with own sites like your wonderful page of the 🙂

    Hesse, Rilke AND Appollinaire … wow… I got to take a deeep breath and try to keep up with this large large large compliment…thanks Klara! Hope I will not disappoint you. And hope to see you at the premiere of Andererseits 🙂 xx

  5. Stunning Sanne. Simply stunning. But I always knew you had a good eye! Hope you are well! Le x

    • Thx Leanne! That is so nice to hear from you… 🙂 …very flattered.
      You know, on my “private” blog I got some pictures that remindes me you and your grandfather-granddaughter-orchid film… have a look, if you like 🙂

      And: I had NO idea, you are working as an actor!! Very good pictures…I like 🙂

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